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Video Poker - FAQ

There are alot of things you should know about Video Poker, it's a game that can be played on the internet in online casinos or in brick and morter casinos.

Below is a few of the frequently asked question by our visitors and an easy way to answer some questions that you may have.

Question: Is it possible to play video poker on the internet?

The short answer is yes, Video Poker is available to play on the internet from the safety and comfort of your own home. Video Poker first became viable in the mid 80s and increased in popularity once players became less intimidated by the machines.

Question: Is it possible to gain an advantage at Video Poker?

In order to have an advantage over the house, you must find a machine with a progressive jackpot that is larger than about 1750 maximum bets.

This level only makes the game even with the house. The jackpot must be higher than this in order to gain an advantage. The player's edge increases by about 1% for each addition of 350 maximum bets into the progressive jackpot.

Question: Where can I play online video poker?

There are many places where you can play online video poker, AbsoluteVideoPoker.com has reviewed some of the best online casinos that offer video poker.

Listed below, is the two top Online Casinos that are recommended by AbsoluteVideoPoker.com